Congdon Castle Revealed!

Small Home Gazette, Fall 2010

Congdon Castle Revealed!

And then—manna from heaven! We received an email from Fred Albert, editor-in-chief of Style 1900 magazine. Here’s the body of Mr. Albert’s email:

“I saw the item about Congdon Castle in the Small Home Gazette, and just wanted to let your readers know that their prayers have been answered. A feature on Westhome is scheduled for the Spring 2011 issue of Style 1900, and it includes numerous photos of the home’s interior. In fact, the article was written by Lawrence Kreisman, the architectural historian who put together that $900 tour last fall. So when your readers pick up a copy of Style 1900 next February, they’ll also be saving $893.05….”

The $900 tour Mr. Albert refers to was organized by Historic Seattle in September 2009. Here again is a description of the house from Historic Seattle’s website:

“This mammoth stone-clad castle was designed by Minneapolis architects Kenyon and Maine for attorney Chester Congdon, completed in 1916 after two years of construction as the centerpiece of his apple orchards. The 30,000-square-foot house is a symphony in rough-hewn timbers and stone. It features hand-hammered metal hinges, hardware and lighting fixtures; leaded glass doors and windows; painted murals; various sizes and colors of brick and tile by important art tile manufacturers; and built-in or commissioned furniture by leading interior design firm William French of Minneapolis/St. Paul. This makes the house an extraordinary example of early 20th century trends in architecture and interior design. Congdon Castle, as it is commonly called, remains in the family and is remarkably preserved, from its lookout tower with sleeping porch down to its indoor swimming pool and the smallest details of kitchens and bathrooms.”

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