Answers to Your Toughest Bungalow Questions: tile resources and house history resources

Small Home Gazette, Summer 2014

Answers to Your Toughest Bungalow Questions: tile resources and house history resources

A. Here are a few tile resources to get you started. This is by no means a complete list.

Tiled fireplace.

Medieval Floral tile in Jade Moss. Photo by Sarah Whiting Photography, courtesy of Clay Squared to Infinity, LLC.

First, there is a company called North Prairie Tileworks located in south Minneapolis: Given their style and experience, this company might be a good match for your project.

Second, there is the Handmade Tile Association in northeast Minneapolis: This is a nationwide network of tile artists, and their website allows you to browse their members’ websites. They also have a small showroom displaying examples of various artists’ work and would be happy to consult with you on your project and make referrals.

Third is the Northern Clay Center on Franklin Avenue in Minneapolis: This is a collection of artists who share the facility. Some of them produce tile and some of those do so in sufficient quantities for the project you describe. They have a small showroom, and the staff can help you network with appropriate artists.

Q. I am buying a 1922 bungalow in north Minneapolis. Do you know who made it? Any info you may have on this design would be appreciated.

bungalow under a spyglass.A. Congratulations on your new home. We can’t tell from the photo who made the house, but it’s a nice looking bungalow! Tracey Baker, Minnesota Historical Society, provided the Bungalow Club these resources to research your home’s history.

House History Resources Online

Northwest Architectural Archives

Minnesota Historical Society, House & Building History Research

Hennepin County Library, Researching the History of Homes, Buildings and Neighborhoods in Minneapolis

Online property tax records


Minnesota Historical Society Collections Online
Includes photographs and maps.

Hennepin County Library, The Minneapolis photo collection

Minnesota Digital Library, Minnesota Reflections

A wiki where you can search for buildings or create an entry on your own house.

Physical Records and Building Permits

Minneapolis Historical Records and Property History

St. Paul, Ramsey County Historical Society, Research Center Services Price List

Libraries, Archives and Historical Societies

vintage house booklets.Hours and access will vary by repository. Some of the tools you might find include census records, vital records, city directories, photographs, stock plan books, Sanborn fire insurance maps, city and county maps and atlases, newspapers, and architectural periodicals.