Did you know that the Twin Cities Bungalow Club has a book collection consisting of many of the best bungalow books on the market, and that you can check them out?

Several years ago, Kristi Johnson, the Bungalow Club’s founder, established a collection of bungalow, mission, and Arts & Crafts books and journals at the Merriam Park branch of the Saint Paul Public Library. Club members donated many of the first books. The Bungalow Club now provides the library with an annual sum of money for additional purchases.

The collection numbers over 160 books. We also purchase subscriptions to bungalow-related magazines available at the library. If you go to the Merriam Park branch, ask to use a computer to see a list of the titles in the collection or look at the list online before you go. You must have a current library card from the county or area in Minnesota in which you live.

Click here to see a list of titles at the Saint Paul Public Library website.
(On the site, you can also find out which titles are available, reserve a title online, and pick it up at a Twin Cities metro library closer to you.)

  • You will get a list of all the book titles in the Bungalow Club collection.
  • You can sort the titles by relevance, date or title.
  • If the library’s website bumps you to their main search page, click on “Search the Library Catalog”; type “bungalow collection” in keyword field; click on “Submit.”

The Merriam Park branch of the Saint Paul Public Library is located at 1831 Marshall Avenue (corner of Fairview and Marshall). The phone number is 651-642-0385. More information available online.

Ideas for new purchases or book donations are welcome. Contact the Bungalow Club at